| February 15, 2018

The original weather podcast.

Now in its thirteenth year, WeatherBrains has over 600 episodes in the can. Founded by host James Spann, the show features a group of panelists of government meteorologists, corporate meteorologists, broadcasters and academicians. The Panelists chat comfortably for 90 minutes each week with a Guest WeatherBrain. Over 800 distinguished weather experts have sat in the chair in over twelve years. From Skilling to Cantore to Uccellini to Mayfield to Zee to Doswell, and on and on, many an hour has been passed by weather enthusiasts and professionals listening to the mix of fun, frivolity and learning.

James Spann (Host): The Chief Meteorologist at ABC3340 in Birmingham, Alabama calls WeatherBrains his creative outlet. Spann has hosted the show week in and week out since 2006. Spann is a winner of the Broadcaster of the Year for the AMS and NWA. He holds the CBM designation.

Bill Murray (Guest Booking Officer): Bill is the President of The Weather Factory, a private weather forecasting firm in Birmingham, Alabama. He was on television for six years at WBMG-TV. Bill holds the very first Digital Seal issued by the National Weather Association.

Aubrey Urbanowicz: Aubrey is the Email Officer for the show. She is the Chief Meteorologist at WHSV in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Kevin Selle: “The Accelerant”, Kevin is the Machiavelli of the show. His job is to call a spade a spade and confront meteorological or social media injustice wherever he finds it.

Rick Smith: The WCM at the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma, Rick is the voice of reason and decorum on the show each week.

Kim Klockow-McClain:

Nate Johnson: Nate is the Corporate Pilot, flying the WeatherBrains Lear Jet anytime Spann needs a ride to a speaking engagement. Nate is the show’s designated egghead. He is also the Broadcast Chair and a Councilor for the National Weather Association.

Brian Peters: Brian has lots of free time as a retired WCM from the National Weather Service, so he manages the show’s website. He also is a meteorlogist for ABC-3340 and a contributor to the AlabamaWx website.

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